We are Curioso.

Curioso Games is on a mission to spark curiosity through memorable mobile games. Founded by games industry veterans, our team reimagines genres and explores themes, that bring likeminded people together through the fun of gaming.


We develop high quality mobile games for key platforms and distribution channels globally.

Work For Hire

We can build a game from scratch or offer an extra pair of hands to help finish your project.

Brand Solutions

We can help with in-game advertising, product placement, event demos and branded games.

Our Games.

We create fun, social games that connect people with shared interests through the joy of playing. From quirky hidden objects and mindful brain trainers to immersive horror puzzles, we love to craft truly memorable gaming experiences.

What we offer.

We work closely with publishers, other developers and brands to build casual mobile and VR experiences from concept to launch. Whether you need an end-to-end game development service, or a high-quality porting team, we can help at every stage of the project.

Who we are.

With our combined 120 years of mobile experience, we have worked with some of the most iconic brands from Marvel, Hasbro and Toyota to indie successes loved by over 100m people.


#MusicSpotlight Rituals: Book of Skog Soundtrack
#MusicSpotlight Rituals: Book of Skog Soundtrack

Halloween is around the corner and chances are you’ll be looking for the perfect music playlist for the night. Look no further, as we have just the album for you: The official soundtrack for our mobil…

Rituals: Book of Skog is a must-play Mobile Horror Game
Rituals: Book of Skog is a must-play Mobile Horror Game

With Halloween axing its way through the door, here is a lowdown on our fright night must-have, mobile horror game Rituals: Book of Skog. Rituals: Book of Skog is a result of our exploratory jou…

Gameskeys finds Lanterns: Year of the Rat a hidden gem
Gameskeys finds Lanterns: Year of the Rat a hidden gem

Originally developed for KaiOS platform, Lanterns: Year of the Rat is a relaxing mobile game, that takes you on a journey on a lantern through the skies. Combining colourful illustrations, tranquil mu…

Let’s get to know each other better.

Whether you’d like to talk about your next project, our games or anything else, we’d love to hear from you.