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Wishlist now: Our Upcoming Hidden Object Game on Steam πŸŽ‰πŸ”

An upcoming hidden object game on Steam: Search & Find - Hidden Objects

Are you ready to play the quirkiest hidden object game on Steam? We hope so because we are making our debut on the Steam platform with Search & Find – Hidden Objects. Our inaugural release on the platform will be on September 4, 2023 so visit HERE to wishlist Search & Find – Hidden Objects now.

Why a hidden object game on Steam?

After beavering away working on our beloved search and find games, it truly was a no-brainer for us to choose to release a hidden object game on Steam as our first (of many) projects. Furthermore, bringing Search & Find – Hidden Objects onto the Steam platform is an opportunity for us to better serve our growing community of over 250k puzzle enthusiasts and share our fun take on the hidden object genre with the Steam community. Featuring playful illustrations by the inimitable artist Adam Doyle and relaxing, unlimited hidden object gameplay, Search & Find – Hidden Objects has something for everyone.

Search & Find – Hidden Objects on Steam features


Hilarious illustrations from Adam Doyle tell a thousand stories, making the experience different for everyone. You’ll travel the world and explore themes, such as a lantern festival or even a quintessential English celebration, as you search and find hidden objects. Wait, is that Elvis hiding in the park?


Identify the object to find, use your keyboard or mouse to move around the picture to explore in detail. Point and click on the object to select it. You have unlimited tries, so you can take your time to take in the scenes.


Customise your screen, unlock new tools and just dive into the hand-illustrated world of quirky details.


For doggy aficionados, we have hot dogs, we have cool dogs. From mysterious cats to cute squirrels, can you spot the hiding furbaby?

Search & Find – Hidden Objects will be available on Steam September 4, 2023! Visit HERE to Wishlist now!

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For more hidden objects fun, please join the 220k player strong Search and Find Facebook community HERE.