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Galactic Drift VR Game Demo comes to SideQuest

Galactic Drift VR game demo is out today on SideQuest! This adrenaline rush-inducing speed feast is completely free so grab your Oculus Quest and join in on the fun!

Read on to learn more about what features are included in the demo, where to download and how to share your feedback on the game.

Galactic Drift VR racing game demo main title screen

Download your copy of Galactic Drift VR game demo on SideQuest HERE.

In this demo, you can choose to race 3 single races. However, If you are feeling confident take part in a 3 race tournament, situated around Earth, Jupiter and Mars. Each race has a different track-layout and a different number of laps.

Galactic Drift - Hangar, race selection
Galactic Drift VR racing game demo in action

Currently you can only fly in the Storm Racing ship. In the final release of Galactic Drift, you will be able to choose your preferred ship/team based on your style of play. We will share more on this will be coming in future blogs. 

VR racing game demo hangar

We have overhauled the way the weapon system works allowing an automatic lock on with a certain range. Previously various one shot usage weapons now come with multi-shot.

We have included a monitor, which is situated at the front of your ship, that allows you to see what is coming up behind you. This proves useful when you are trying to avoid a missile that is hurtling your way, or making the decision to block an opponent. You should check the status of your shields before you try that manoeuvre!

Galactic Drift - cockpit

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the game. If you have any ideas/suggestions you think might work well within the game, we can’t wait to hear them. You can reach out to us via Twitter and Instagram. You can also find us on Discord.

“MULTIPLAYER” we hear you cry! Fear not, this is something we have been chatting about internally. More to come on this soon. ? 

Download your copy of Galactic Drift VR game demo on SideQuest HERE.

Disco-VR Demo Feedback

Last year we were very excited to team up with Tetiana from Disco-VR, who gave us feedback and insight based on her extensive VR experiences. It has been great to get someone who is a big advocate of VR involved this early in development.

Back in September 2021 we gave Tetiana a build to test for the first time, you can see her initial reactions here: 

Keep your eyes peeled for the Team Disco-VR ships screeching through space.

Disco-VR ship

You can check out Disco-VR on these various social platforms:

YouTube –

Twitter –

Discord –

Instagram –

TikTok –

Facebook –

Thanks again for your insights and input into this so far, Tetiana!

Download your copy of Galactic Drift VR game demo on SideQuest HERE.

Galactic Drift VR Game – More to come

Stay tuned for more updates on our Galactic Drift VR development journey. Get the latest on our mobile and VR development projects here and on our social channels. We’d love for you to give us a follow on on Twitter and Instagram.

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